About Bruddah's Beards

Over a decade in the making, I have been helping others and sourcing and providing natural products for skin and hair since 2008 and now We Beardin' because in my developments in recent years I realised with the upcoming niche that this new focus group needed some things.

This new industry niche lacks a source of insight and expertise that Bruddah's Beards is bringing to the table. We found that many times (especially in cases where a beard is grown for religious reasons) that the beards are like weeds, just allowed to grow and not tended to so the beardie suffers and so do those who like to fondle, caress, and touch the beards.

Beards need love too, Just like the hair on the head it will be prone to issues when it's neglected and knowing how to properly use a product is just as important as buying a product in the first place. How to solve bearduff issues, hair bumps, itchiness on your beard canvas when the hair starts to grow, patchy beards, beards that grow in then start to break off over time- ALL COMMON PROBLEMS THAT HINDER YOUR BEARD GOALS and we're here to not only inform you of solutions but also give you the tools to handle that.

If you look at our ingredients and our product line up you'll notice a few things different and as we develop content here we'll go into depth as to why we use certain oils and why our cleansers are all Raw African Black Soap based, we've developed a product line as unique as you and as we grow we'll continue to provide only the best at affordable products, man-sized quantities with the highest natural and certified organic ingredients that you can trust.

I'm a woman- yes- I am a mother of a beard and he has 8 younger siblings, 4 upcoming beard hopefuls and 4 soon to be beard loving little women in training. I was married to a beard nearly 15 years and have many beards in my extended family of Bruddah's and Uncles and nephews. I have been given the opportunity to provide them with natural solutions including how-to on using natural clays, herbals and henna to strengthen and condition beards and more...Bruddah's IS Family and we're finally here to bring all this beardlove to you.